9.30am - 10.45am, Yin

9.30am - 10.45am, Yin
4.30pm - 5.30pm, Yang/Yin

4.30pm - 5.45pm, Yin
Classes above at Twine Yoga Studio, 214 Brunker Rd, Adamstown

4.00pm - 5.30pm,
Yin + Meditation

This class at Redhead Wellness Sanctuary, 9 Kalaroo Rd, Redhead


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A therapeutic and quiet class, focused on deep release and intended to complement more active styles of Yoga.

Release tension using long-held postures combined with self-massage (sometimes using balls), pranayama and visualisation techniques to change the habitual patterns of chronic pain, depression/anxiety and stress. 
You’ll learn to strengthen the muscle of your mind by applying mindful awareness to bodily sensations as you let go into the long holds. As energy flows more freely around the body, we can begin to feel calmer, lighter and more focused in the present moment. 

Yang / Yin


A joyful and energising class, focused on feeling our bodies as we transition from movement to stillness.

Move stuck energy through flowing physical postures combined with conscious breathing and cultivate subtle awareness in luxurious passive holds. You'll learn to be present and turn your attention to your body, thus slowly transforming your physical, emotional and mental health. You will walk away feeling lighter, more connected to yourself (and others) and much calmer!

Restoring Emotional Balance

The perfect blend of the practice of Restorative Yoga combined with the theory of Mindfulness.


In this small-group six week series, you will learn tools to self-regulate your nervous system, helping to build resilience in body and mind. Come as you are for this nurturing practice, everything is optional and has variations to suit your needs. Expect to feel grounded, more open
and hopefully drift away for a restful night's sleep. 


This six-week series is trauma-informed. It would benefit those suffering from chronic stress and emotional pain (including depression and anxiety) and those who have physical limitations (pain, injury, recent surgery, disability, struggling with self-esteem, body image).

Class Types
All classes are suitable for beginners to seasoned Yoga practitioners and all body types.

"Hannah's classes provide time out for myself, concentrating on my breathing, reaching into my inner self"

- K.L

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