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Individual Consults

at home or at Twine Yoga Studio



Yoga Therapy is the practice of applying the tools of Yoga and Mindfulness to specific ailments, empowering your self-healing potential through practices which integrate the body, mind and spirit. The aim is to foster a daily practice of self-care and connection to yourself.


Each session is built completely around your individual needs and desired outcomes and will take into consideration any injuries or trauma, mental and physical, that you may be dealing with.


The session might begin with some talk therapy to determine the core issue/s and root causes that are feeding the presenting condition including belief systems, lifestyle and other personal challenges. Then, Hannah will guide you through various practices tailored to support your daily life and personal goals. 

When appropriate, Myofascial Release using balls or hands may be suggested, applying gentle sustained pressure to resolve connective tissue restrictions/adhesions, eliminate pain and restore motion.



Sound Therapy is a wholistic practice that utilises the power of sound and frequency to promote health and well-being. It aims to align your body's rhythms with the vibrations and frequencies that have been used throughout history by many cultures and that have also been verified by scientific research.

Specific frequencies are employed using carefully chosen instruments such as singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, gongs and even voice toning. The vibrations and resonance applied during a session can have a profound effect on your body, mind, and spirit, inducing a state of deep relaxation, stress reduction and healing.

By exposing your cells to natural, beneficial and healing frequencies, Sound Therapy aims to induce a state of homeostasis, or balance, within your body. In addition, it restores the body’s self-healing capability.


These sessions, offered by Frank, are highly individualised and unique, can be tailored to treat most conditions and are conducted in a safe and respectful manner.

"When starting out, going to one class per week or sitting in meditation occasionally can be beneficial. However, to experience a profound shift in your body and mind, a tailored practice consistently repeated and modified to suit your changing needs deepens the relationship between you and the divine source within."

- Hannah  Perkins


"A relaxing, safe space to explore the present moment, decrease anxiety and release trauma
with a professional caring guide."

- C.L

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