Yoga Therapy

A Yoga Therapy session is built completely around your needs and desired outcomes and can be offered in the privacy of your home, workplace or at
Twine Yoga Studio. 


 These sessions take into consideration any injuries or trauma, both mentally and physically, that you may be dealing with. The aim is to foster a daily practice of self-care and connection to yourself.


My intention is to offer you a safe space to cultivate peace, calm and serenity, enabling you to find the answers within to move you towards greater wellbeing and aliveness.

Your private consult includes:

- Mindfulness of and support with your daily
lifestyle, dietary and sleep habits
- A personalised practice combining movement, breathing, deep relaxation, mantra and
visualisation, to suit your busy schedule
- An exclusive guided meditation audio, recorded
just for you.


"When starting out, going to one class per week or sitting in meditation occasionally can be beneficial. However, to experience a profound shift in your body and mind, a tailored practice consistently repeated and modified to suit your changing needs deepens the relationship between you and the divine source within."

- Hannah  Perkins

"A relaxing, safe space to explore the present moment, decrease anxiety and release trauma
with a professional caring guide."


- C.L





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