I'm grateful that you're here.

Like you, I am a student and my subject is presence. Mindfulness and Yoga are practices which help us to access a particular way of seeing the world, as it really is. 


Through the practices of Yoga and Meditation, I can help you develop mindful attention of the body, heart and mind, regardless of the conditions and circumstances you find yourself in.

By regularly setting aside some time to practice introspection and self-inquiry you will gain a deeper level of understanding and acceptance of the world inside and around you.

My intention is for you to connect with yourself, exactly as you are in this moment. 

- Hannah 

Hannah Perkins - Love This Moment

Unconditional love is not something you do. It's who you are, if only you would realise it.

Remember, it always starts with the self, and it's not about doing. It's about embodying.

- Anita Moorjani

"When I think of someone who really embodies the practice of mindfulness, I mean lives and breathes it, Hannah is always the first person I think of"

- Melissa O'Brien,

Host of The Mindfulness Summit and Founder of www.mindfulness.com







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