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Mindfulness - Based
Stress Reduction

It is possible to accept the full range of experience that life inevitably brings – pleasurable experience as well as painful experience in its various forms – worry, anxiety, tension, impatience, anger, grief, sadness and even despair. 

Reduced anxiety and depression as well as increased empathy and compassion for oneself and others have all been documented as outcomes of this eight-week program.


The 8-week MBSR course is a pathway to greater skill, wisdom and the ability to meet whatever life brings, offering hope for a way forward that embraces life in all its fullness. 

This course has been widely researched over the past 25 years and is at the cutting edge of integrative and preventative medicine. Over the eight-weeks you will learn to examine and reflect on patterns of your own mind, feelings and actions and to gently interrupt self-criticism and unhelpful actions. You will learn skills that allow you to tune into and become aware of your experience in the present moment.

Investment: $545 /$395 Concession (incl. GST)
If cost is a significant barrier to your participation or you want to find out more about the program please get in 



- Guided meditation

- Mindful movement/gentle Yoga

- Exploration of habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and acting

- Teaching on theory and practice

- Group discussion

- Latest findings from neuroscience

- Full day silent retreat

Mindfulness - Based
Cancer Recovery

There are many aspects of the cancer experience that patients find difficult to deal with; aside from facing one's own mortality, loss of control, uncertainty and constant change are often the most challenging aspects of coping with cancer. The mindfulness attitudes of accepting things as they are, turning towards rather than away from difficult emotional experience and embracing change as a constant are helpful antidotes to these difficult realities.

Mindfulness has been demonstrated to significantly lower scores on depression, anxiety, anger and confusion
as well as decrease cortisol levels - the stress hormone. This course is an internationally recognised course,
based on the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Curriculum but adapted to suit the unique needs
of those on the cancer journey. 

This 8-week course provides both meditation and gentle yoga instruction as well as a safe environment for discussion/group support and practical tips to reduce stress and focus on the possibilities that living in the 
present moment can offer.

Facilitated by Hannah Perkins, a 5 year cancer survivor who has utilised the practices of Mindfulness and Yoga throughout her recovery from the disease but also in living with chronic pain and anxiety.

Sponsored by Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation, cost to Breast and Ovarian cancer participants is $10 per week.

To register contact 0419 658 875 or supportivecare@hbcf.org.au

Mindfulness teaches us to be unconditionally present with whatever is happening, no matter what. This program can certainly help you achieve this no matter where you are in your cancer journey.

Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a practical and simple way of paying attention; being aware of what is happening right now, without wanting it to be different. Practicing mindfulness helps us to develop flexibility and kindness, it increases our resilience to life’s challenges and our appreciation of life’s joys. Our brain literally gets ‘rewired’ as new neural pathways are formed and we have more capacity to respond to a situation, rather than just react.

The 4-week Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation course has been designed to provide participants with a taste of mindfulness and to help them develop the habit of daily practice. In this course you will experience first-hand the benefits of regular mindfulness practice, rather than just learn about them. 

Over time, many people who regularly practice mindfulness report:
- Less stress, anxiety and worry
- Improved sleeping patterns
- Greater self-acceptance and self-love
- Reduced reactivity and increased emotional intelligence

Investment: $125 for 4 weeks, including year-long access to Wildflower Mindfulness App,
downloadable guided meditations and a 45-page guidebook.

Mindfulness for Teachers

Research shows that Mindfulness training can have physical, psychological and social benefits for teachers including elevated levels of self-compassion and a decrease in anxiety, depression and burnout. The practice of Mindfulness can increase teachers' effectiveness by reducing stress, increasing concentration and managing distractions.

This 6-week NESA accredited in-school PD course is offered in-school for teachers at the completion of their teaching day. In this experiential course, teachers will be guided through basic meditation practices and taught the principles of mindfulness including current information from the field of neuroscience, to demonstrate the usefulness of mindfulness practices in changing the brain, changing behaviours and reducing stress.


To get the most from the program teachers will be asked to engage in 15 minutes of daily Mindfulness practice for the duration of the course. It can be very helpful if the school is able to organise a room where teachers can choose to do a short lunchtime practice together.


By Request

- The Art of Rest

- Self Care for Health Care

- Mindful Parenting

- Mindful Schools

(Primary & Adolescent)

The time will come when, with elation, you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your own mirror, and each will smile at the other's welcome, and say, sit here. Eat. You will love again the stranger who was your self.

Derek Walcott

"Hannah invites people to join her on a journey of moving into love...with Yoga, Mindfulness and a community of like minded people. Saying goodbye to pain and finding love. A life journey of many steps."

- Rod MacLean, Chiropractor







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